Backup PS2 Games – How to Backup Your PS2 Games Quickly

Do you have a tendency to scratch your PlayStation 2 games? Wouldn’t you love to have a spare copy? Got any idea of how to get a copy? You do know that the gaming companies put a piracy protection code on their games right?

Every game that you own has this protection on it, no matter which company made it. Now this is supposed to stop you from copying your games. But I paid for them you say? Yes you did and that’s why I’m telling you that all you need is a software program that cracks the code.

What Software Do I Need To Backup My PS2 Games?

If you went looking for software สล็อต tools yourself you would be inundated with all the different types available. So I have done the work for you and my results are that the best and most efficient and easy to use software is the Game Copy Wizard.

Now that you have chosen the Game Copy Wizard, you must also remember that you need to have a burner in your computer and plenty of blank DVD discs before you can do anything else.

How Do I Use The Game Copy Wizard?

As I stated before that this program is the easiest to use and I’ll explain why.

First of all, you need to purchase a copy of the Game Copy Wizard software tool and install it onto your computer. Now pick your favourite game and place it in your CD/DVD tray. Load the program and select the drive where your game is, it will start breaking down the code and making a copy of your game.

Once that is done you need to eject your original disc and insert a blank disc into your burner. Drag your copied files that the Game Copy Wizard has just created for you into your burner program. And you can watch your new copied game be created in front of your very eyes. Its as simple as that. I told you that it was easy, Thanks to the Game Copy Wizard.